Lego Challenge Tuesday – build a rainbow

Today’s challenge is very pretty. And also pretty frustrating! Ha!

Lego Challenge Tuesday - build a rainbow - gatherlovegrow

My kids made beautiful rainbows today. Although, they made them in a way that breaks easily. So…we’ve had to rebuild our rainbows a few times.

This is what I told them to get started. They must build a rainbow. They can either make one that stands on its own, or a flat one on the floor (or table).  We recognized that we didn’t have every colors of the rainbow within our Lego set, so we had to be creative. Also, they could add clouds to their rainbow if they so desired.

After about 40 minutes of tinkering, this is what we’ve come up with.

rainbow 1 - gatherlovegrow

rainbow 2 - gatherlovegrow

rainbow 3 - gatherlovegrow


Now it’s your turn. Have fun building Lego rainbows as a family.

Please share pictures of your creations with us on our facebook page or share a link to them in our comments box below.

If you’re new to Lego Challenge Tuesday, please take a minute to look at our other challenges. I’m sure you’ll find others your family would like to try.

Have a wonderful day and have fun building!!!



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