Making Bread – For Beginners

I’ve long wanted to learn how to make bread. I have memories of a special older woman from my childhood who would Continue reading

Lego Challenge Tuesday – create your favourite food

Today’s challenge is a little crazy. Well, it certainly turned out a bit on the crazy side in our house! Ha! You’ll understand better once you see the pictures I posted below…

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Miracle Monday – gratefulness in the mess

I’m going to be honest by saying that this is a difficult post to write. I draw a blank as I look at my computer screen. Not because there haven’t been miracles in my life. There have been many. I’m in a strange state of mind right now to write this I guess. It’s been a long day. Emotional at times.  Continue reading

Lego Challenge Tuesday – build an Easter scene

Easter is coming! What a great time to celebrate. As a Christian, this is the biggest day of celebration during the year. Closely followed by Christmas.

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I live for days like these…

Happy 6th Birthday

Happy Birthday to my baby. He is 6 years old today.

He woke up to his big brother yelling out Happy Birthday and playing the kazoo in the hallway. His very own birthday parade first thing in the morning. I don’t think his smile could have gotten any bigger if he tried!

We sure love this boy very much. What an amazing kid this is.

Days like these, I want to treasure forever…

Lego Challenge Tuesday – build a birthday cake

My baby is turning 6 tomorrow. Oh my, how time flies! Continue reading

Miracle Monday

Good morning to you!

Today is a beautiful day. It’s a new day. Loaded with possibilities.  Continue reading

There is wonderful joy ahead!


Any of you who have been following my blog lately may have noticed how I haven’t been here much. The difficulties in my life had brought me to a point where Continue reading