A spirit of power and of love and of sound mind.

How many of us spend time fearing the unknown? Fear of disappointing others. Fear of rejection. Fear of getting hurt. Fear of losing. Fear of failure. Fear of losing control. Fear of powerlessness. Fear of loneliness. There are so many things we can be afraid of. Continue reading

Lego Challenge Tuesday – build a symmetry

I had a hard time deciding what to do for this week’s challenge. I searched online for inspiration Continue reading

Miracle Monday – the perfect man

In high school, I wasn’t exactly the most popular girl at school. I was different than most girls. I had no interest in parties and drinking. I went to church every Sunday. I had kissed a couple of boys, but never had a boyfriend. There was this one guy who  Continue reading

Lego Challenge Tuesday – build a rainbow

Today’s challenge is very pretty. And also pretty frustrating! Ha!

Continue reading

Miracle Monday – feeding the crowd

I’ve been to Haiti twice in the past few years. I went there on a missions trip with a church in the area. I plan on going there again in the near future. I have made some friends that are near and dear to my heart. Life long friends. Some of them I’d even call family.

Before I share with you my miracle, I want to tell you that Haiti is a Continue reading

Lego Challenge Tuesday – build an Egyptian pyramid

Today we’re taking a little trip to Northern Africa and visit a little place called Egypt! Continue reading

Miracle Monday – airplane tickets

For over 10 years, my husband and I never got an income tax return. We always had to pay the government. At first it was just a bit, but then Continue reading

Miracle Monday – the ripple effect of salvation

My mother’s cousin Clovie died a week ago from brain cancer. I have to say that this man is one of the most incredible human beings that has ever walked this Earth. Continue reading