Don’t let the enemy win

Don’t let the enemy have the upper hand.

Don’t let the enemy win. Continue reading

Fitness Friday no.5

This is it.

This is the last Fitness Friday.  Continue reading

My 8 Favourite Household Management Apps

Always busy. Every day busy. So much do to and so little time to do it all.

I try, but I don’t usually get everything done by the end of the day. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Jedi Papa!!!

Today is my wonderful husband’s birthday. He is lovingly called Papa by our children. They wanted to make something special to celebrate his special day. So of course, I searched Pinterest for ideas! Continue reading

Lego Challenge Tuesday – Build a Maze (Labyrinthe)

Today’s Lego challenge is all about making a maze. In French it’s called a “labyrinthe”.

(Maybe I should add a French word of the week to teach your kids while you’re doing your Lego Challenge??? Ha! Don’t worry, I’m just teasing!) Continue reading

Top 5 chicken recipes found on Pinterest


I rely a lot on Pinterest to keep me inspired in the kitchen. Whenever I feel like trying something new, I’m on Pinterest. Whenever I have to prepare a special meal, I’m on Pinterest. Whenever someone’s birthday is coming, well, you get the idea. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest! Continue reading

3 Fun Ways to Practice Spelling with Active Kids

Like most kids, mine don’t like to do anything that’s boring or repetitive. Well, I think most adults are like that too. At least, I am anyhow. Continue reading