Miracle Monday -angel in disguise

For almost a year and a half now, we’ve been in the process of adopting Little Miss R. It’s actually been longer than that, but officially and legally speaking, it will be a year and half at the end of June. Continue reading

Miracle Monday – the seed

I’ve been doing Miracle Monday every week for a little while now. I’ve decided to change things a bit and only have a Miracle Monday on the first Monday of each month. Continue reading

The other side of adoption

Imagine you’re a single mother, caring for your children the best you can, you love them dearly. Then one day, social services comes knocking on your door telling you your children will be taken away from you if you don’t meet a certain list of criteria. You’re not doing your job as a parent. How do you feel? Scared? Confused? Angry? Sad? Continue reading

Miracle Monday – armpits

Every night, when I tuck my 6 year old son into bed, I like to make him laugh at least once before leaving his room. I try my best to make sure Continue reading

Miracle Monday – monkeys

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there. I hope you had the best day ever. It is truly a blessing to be a mother.

Continue reading

Miracle Monday – homeschool

I didn’t always want to homeschool. In fact, when I was younger, I knew a homeschool family and I thought they were weird. Guess who’s the weird one now?

Yes, that’s us. We became the weird family that doesn’t let their kids take the big yellow bus.  Continue reading

Miracle Monday – the perfect man

In high school, I wasn’t exactly the most popular girl at school. I was different than most girls. I had no interest in parties and drinking. I went to church every Sunday. I had kissed a couple of boys, but never had a boyfriend. There was this one guy who  Continue reading

Miracle Monday – feeding the crowd

I’ve been to Haiti twice in the past few years. I went there on a missions trip with a church in the area. I plan on going there again in the near future. I have made some friends that are near and dear to my heart. Life long friends. Some of them I’d even call family.

Before I share with you my miracle, I want to tell you that Haiti is a Continue reading

Miracle Monday – airplane tickets

For over 10 years, my husband and I never got an income tax return. We always had to pay the government. At first it was just a bit, but then Continue reading