Lego Challenge Tuesday – build a catapult

Good morning everyone!

For today’s challenge I will be doing things differently. We have decided to share with you a great Lego challenge we found on the internet. This particular one comes from a great blog called Little Bins for Little Hands.

How to build an easy catapult for kids and learn about tension

Please take the time to go to their page and check out this wonderful Lego Challenge. They have detailed instructions on how to build it. I will get my kids to build it later today and I will post pictures on our facebook page.

I encourage you to do two things:

1- Once you have completed the challenge, please share some pictures of your catapult with us. You can add them in the comments box below or on our facebook page.

2- If you’ve enjoyed this challenge, please take a minute to write a positive comment on Little Bins for Little Hands. They deserve all the credit for this wonderful idea.


Happy Lego Tuesday everyone!


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