Miracle Monday -angel in disguise

For almost a year and a half now, we’ve been in the process of adopting Little Miss R. It’s actually been longer than that, but officially and legally speaking, it will be a year and half at the end of June.

Miracle Monday - angel in disguise - gatherlovegrow

Adopting through foster care can be a long and bumpy road. It can be frustrating. Maddening. Sad. It’s a roller coaster ride full of a wide range of emotions.

Throughout all of this mess, God gave us one little angel in disguise. Well, I know she’s not technically an angel, but in our eyes, she might as well be one.

Our case worker.

She has been patient in explaining all the difficult legal lingo to us. She has been there to listen to our frustrations. She has called us after hours to give us important updates we had been waiting for. She has done far more than she ever needed to  to make sure our family got to spend time with Little Miss R. She has been kind and compassionate. She has been an absolute pleasure to deal with.

I’ve always said that it takes a pretty special kind of person to do the work of a social worker in the foster system. It’s an extremely difficult job.

But our case worker? She’s awesome!

God has blessed her with the ability to do her job with such grace and compassion. She’s an amazing child advocate.

She has helped our family much more than she will ever comprehend.

She’s our little angel in disguise.

She’s a precious gift from God.

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