Lego Challenge Tuesday: Build a Lightsaber

This week’s Lego Challenge was FUN!

We built lightsabers!!! Continue reading

Lego Challenge Tuesday – Build an Apple Tree

How’s it going everyone? Ready for another challenge? Continue reading

Why I don’t take test results too seriously

Not every homeschool family gives tests. Our curriculum have self-tests and tests. While it’s great to test the kids’ knowledge and understanding of the subject, it’s also a good idea to not get too worked up on grades. Especially in elementary. Here’s why I think that way. Continue reading

A piece of my broken heart…

For the past year, my family has been going through some incredibly difficult times. I haven’t been able to talk about it openly because it involves a child in foster care. As we all know, confidentially is of the utmost importance in situations like these. I’m at a point where I have to reach out to you and seek some encouragement. Continue reading

My Jesus Dream

I’m used to having unusual dreams and even the occasional terrifying nightmare. But last night, I had a dream that took me completely off guard. It was by far the most unusual and the most beautiful dream I’ve ever had.  Continue reading

When injuries and illnesses interfere with your fitness goals. 4 tips that will help keep you on track.

To be honest, I love to work out. I love being active. I really, honestly do. But I also struggle with it. It seems like every time I take 2 steps forward Continue reading

Our Favourite Read-Aloud Books and a Free Bookmark Printable

Last year, I was desperate to expose my children to new books. They had their books that they loved and only wanted to read those. Again and again. They convinced themselves Continue reading

Lego Challenge Tuesday: Build the Eiffel Tower

Good morning to you! How did you all make out last week with your Lego bacon & eggs? We’d love to see your awesome creations. Please go ahead and post your pictures on our facebook page to share them with us all.

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Headstands, Bakasanas and Bruises.

In spite of getting a cold for the second time in 3 weeks, I’ve continued my attempts to learn the headstand. My running program isn’t going very well. I have very little Continue reading

My thoughts on machines vs. free weights

You guys probably don’t know, but I have a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. I do not currently work in my profession, but I have been in the fitness and health industry for Continue reading