Lego Challenge Tuesday – when pigs fly

Hey guys! Welcome to this this week’s Lego Challenge!!!

Lego Challenge Tuesday - when pigs fly - gatherlovegrow


Today we are going to do something completely crazy and make pigs fly.

Yup, that’s right!

Are you ready?

You need to build a pig. Of course! Use your imagination and creativity. Now, don’t forget the key part of this challenge. It needs to be a pig that flies. Not literally, but it does need wings.

( Bonus points if you can literally make it fly!  )

Let me introduce you to my daughter’s flying bat pig! (see…don’t be afraid to use your imagination. You might surprise yourself and build something completely awesome like this.)


Here is my son’s cyborg flying pig. Again…creativity is awesome…and incredibly cute!


My youngest has attempted this challenge. It was a bit difficult for him but he managed to build something pretty spectacular.


And now it’s your turn. Go ahead and build the most awesome flying pig this world has ever seen!!!

Once it’s completed, you must share it with the world. Or at least with us!  🙂

Take a picture of your pig then either share it in the comments box below or on our facebook page.

Ready… set… go!

Happy Lego Challenge Tuesday from our family to yours!

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