Lego Challenge Tuesday – zipline

Hi there! Glad you could make it to this week’s Lego Challenge.

We had so much fun today. The kids kept playing with their Lego creations even after the challenge was over. You know it’s successful when the kids don’t want to stop!

Lego Challenge Tuesday- zipline - gatherlovegrow

Today’s Lego Challenge is to create something that will hold a Lego minifigure and slide down a zipline.

For a zipline, we just simply tied one end of a string onto a chair and the other end onto our entertainment unit’s doorknob. It doesn’t matter what you tie it onto, as long one end is much higher than the other so gravity can do its work.

The rules to today’s challenge are quite simple. You need to build something your minifigure can sit inside of or attach to. Once finished, it has to be able to attach itself onto the string (zipline) and carry the minifigure from the very top to the very bottom without breaking or dropping the minifigure.

Got it?

Now get building!!!

Check and see what we’ve done and maybe it’ll inspire you in your own creations. Also, we didn’t stop at making just one. My oldest one actually made 4 different ones. He got really into it!

zipline 1

zipline 3

zipline 2


zipline 5

zipline 4

I took a few videos and posted them on our facebook page. Go take look. Then please share your own pictures and videos with us so we can see how well you’ve done with this challenge. Share on facebook or create a link down below in our comments page.

See you next week!

Happy Lego Challenge Tuesday!


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