Miracle Monday – armpits

Every night, when I tuck my 6 year old son into bed, I like to make him laugh at least once before leaving his room. I try my best to make sure he goes to sleep happy. He’s quite ticklish so it doesn’t take much effort to make him smile and giggle. Although, the best way to get the biggest giggles out of him, is to kiss his armpits. His mouth opens wide, his eyes close and the biggest roar comes out of his mouth. He just can’t help it. It’s the funniest and the cutest thing ever. So now I tell him the armpit monster needs to kiss him goodnight and he shoves his hands in his armpits. Adorable! I love this little man so much. I enjoy our bedtime cuddles more than I could ever explain.

this face
this face…


Thank God for armpits…and giggles.



Miracle Monday - armpits

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