Miracle Monday – monkeys

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there. I hope you had the best day ever. It is truly a blessing to be a mother.

My parents had a difficult time starting their family. They tried for 6 years before I was came along. That’s a long time to wait before holding your child for the first time! After my birth, it took them another 3 years to get pregnant. This pregnancy ended tragically. My little brother or sister died in utero during the end of my mom’s second trimester. Any woman out there who’s lost a child in late pregnancy will understand how tragic and difficult this is. It then took yet another 3 years before my little brother came to the world.

I have to say, that’s an awful lot of waiting for 2 children. It took them 12 years to have us both.

When I got married, I was worried that it would take me that long to have children as well. Being a mom was very high on my priority list. I couldn’t wait to have kids of my own. The idea of trying for 6 years frightened me. I told my husband we had to start trying right after our wedding. Just in case. At the time, we wanted 4 kids, so time was of the essence.

Ha ha ha!

We were married on May 17th and found out on Christmas eve that we were expecting. It wasn’t exactly a honeymoon baby, but it only took us 9 months. That’s not too bad.

Every month of disappointment was difficult. I don’t know how people can go on for years and still keep trying. Your heart seems to break a little bit more every month. Do you reach a point where your heart is just too broken to keep going? I was extremely lucky it was only 9 months.

I got to hold my first little monkey almost 13 years ago now. Now that’s a miracle! Holding a child that God has so kindly blessed you with? It doesn’t get much better than that.

A year later, I was expecting my second monkey. A beautiful little monkey! After a very difficult birth, I knew my body could only handle being pregnant one more time, God willing. We wanted 4 kids, so I needed to carry twins to complete our family! So I prayed for twins.

It took 5 years to get pregnant with my last monkey. At one point, we had stopped trying and looked into adoption. I couldn’t handle the disappointments anymore. A family emergency occurred in our family that derailed all of our plans. But once everything settled down again, I found out I was pregnant…again. No twins though, but one healthy little boy.

And now, I am the lucky and proud mama of 3 little monkeys. Well, my oldest isn’t so little anymore. He’s almost as tall as me…and I’m 5’6″!

I expected it to be difficult to build my family. As difficult as it was for my parents. Yes, there were difficult moments, but overall, God had made things pretty easy for us. Thank you! We have 3 amazing monkeys that we adore, and we have a 4th one we may be able to adopt soon. So, without meaning to, we might end up adopting after all and have the four kids we always wanted.

God is SOOOO good! And His timing is perfect.

How has God blessed your life? Share with us what God has done for you.

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2 thoughts on “Miracle Monday – monkeys

  1. My parents tried for 13 years to have children. They gave up and adopted my oldest brother. Soon after, they became pregnant with a son, and they ended up having two more children (me being one of them) after that. God’s plans are best, even when we don’t understand. I believe it was His plans for my oldest brother to be a part of our family. That wouldn’t have happened if my parents would have been able to have children right away. What a blessing and a gift! Thanks for sharing your story. Following you at Crystal’s today.


    1. Thank you Julie. It truly is remarkable what God can do in our lives when we trust in him. When we pause and look at all he’s done, it’s amazing how much he loves us. His plan for us is so much greater than we could ever dream up.


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