Lego Challenge Tuesday – the tallest tower

Good morning everyone!

Today’s Lego challenge has been fun and interesting. Are you ready?

Lego Challenge Tuesday - build the tallest tower - gatherlovegrow

The challenge is to build the tallest tower possible, made entirely out of Lego. Here are the rules;

1- You have 20 minutes to build the tallest tower you can. My kids each made their own, but you could build one as a team if you’d like.

2- The use of base plates are not allowed.

3- When the timer goes off, the tower must be able to stand on its own. I will then take measurements.

4- Have fun, be fair, no stealing pieces from others, nice words only, you can do it!


Here’s a look at how my kids made out.

tower 1

This tower measured a total of 4 feet 8 inches in height.


tower 3

This tower measured 4 feet and 1 inch in height.


tower 2

This tower measured 7 feet and 2 inches in height. Wow! He is our winner.



Now it’s your turn to build your tallest tower. Share with us how you made out. We’d love to see if you can beat our measurements. Can you?

Share your picture on our facebook page or share them in our comments box below.

tower 4


Have a happy Lego challenge Tuesday!!!

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