Miracle Monday – airplane tickets

For over 10 years, my husband and I never got an income tax return. We always had to pay the government. At first it was just a bit, but then my husband started a side business and the two incomes created a nightmare. We had to pay back a large amount and it would set us back for the whole year trying to pay it all off. It was too much.

Three years ago, my husband finally decided to make his side business his full-time work. Since then, things slowly got better. Last year (2015), we got our very first income tax return in over 10 years. Wow! We were so excited. Plus, it was a large chunk of change. Awesome!

God works in his own time. The timing for this income tax return was a gift from God. A true blessing.

About a month before, our niece was going through a very difficult time and I needed to see her. Problem is that she lives 2 provinces away and I needed to fly to get there. With no money, that was impossible. I was so distraught by the fact that she needed me and I couldn’t be there.

I prayed so hard for help. I never thought to ask God for money or help financially. It never even crossed my mind. But I did pray for Him to somehow get me to her. Somehow.

A few weeks later we get an email from our accountant to let us know of the large income tax return we were expecting. I knew immediately, without a doubt, that it was God’s way of validating my need to be with my niece. He gave me what I needed to purchase the plane tickets.

Our first income tax return in over 10 years, just a few weeks after praying for help to get plane tickets to visit a loved one who needed me. God’s timing is perfect.

Faith in God includes Faith in His timing. -Neal A. Maxwell


Miracle Monday - airplane tickets


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