Miracle Monday – the ripple effect of salvation

My mother’s cousin Clovie died a week ago from brain cancer. I have to say that this man is one of the most incredible human beings that has ever walked this Earth. He knew how to live like Jesus. He was so kind, generous, funny, sincere, sweet and joyful. When you met Clovie, you couldn’t help but love him. And kids LOVED him so much! But as much as kids loved him, I think he loved them even more!!! He was a big kid at heart. This man knew how to love.

We all loved him so much. At his memorial service, we cried and grieved our loss. And what a great loss that is. He left behind a loving and devoted wife, seven children, three grandchildren, one great-grandchild and many other relatives and friends. He touched all of us and we will all miss him in our own way. Even though we were sad that we will never get to see him again, there was a feeling of celebration in the air. We were celebrating his life with all the wonderful stories of him we shared. Pictures on the wall of his amazing smile. You couldn’t help but want to celebrate all the great memories he’s left us with.

While I wasn’t surprised that we would cry and also celebrate that day, there is one thing that surprised me. One thing that I had never experienced at any other funeral. That is the gift of salvation.

Clovie had given his life to Jesus. He was a man of God. So the gift of salvation was his. Or was it?

Of course it was his in the sense that he was forgiven of his sin and would be welcomed into Heaven through his love for Jesus Christ.

But it was also a gift to us, his family. It was a great gift, not having to worry what his after-life would be like. We have peace in knowing that he is now a new citizen of Heaven. I have been to other funerals where I can honestly say I’m not sure where they went after death. All I could do is pray for their salvation during their final moments of life. It wasn’t the case with Clovie. We are at peace with the certainty of his salvation.

What a gift that is.

Now our memories of him will not be tarnished with the uncertainty of his afterlife.

Now we can smile every time we think of him and know that he is well. He is most likely dancing on the golden streets of Heaven and playing with the children.

The gift of salvation is my miracle for today. It was unexpected and I am grateful for this gift.

ripple effect of salvation

6 thoughts on “Miracle Monday – the ripple effect of salvation

  1. It is amazing the peace we feel when we lose a loved one on earth knowing we will see them again in heaven. Praise be to God. Sorry for you loss. It is a huge gain in heaven. Blessings.


  2. Isabelle, I’m so sorry for your loss. How wonderful to have peace, God’s own, everlasting comfort, in the face of death’s trial. Clovie sounds like a wonderful man, one who left an everlasting legacy. My own father died just 5 months ago. That peace you mentioned is priceless. Thank You, Jesus. #intentionalTuesday


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