There is wonderful joy ahead!


Any of you who have been following my blog lately may have noticed how I haven’t been here much. The difficulties in my life had brought me to a point where I was so completely overwhelmed with everything that I could not function properly any more. I was so focused on trying to get better and getting out of the dark hole I was in, I could only see the hole. I couldn’t figure out how to get out. I could see God’s light shining on me, but I couldn’t figure out how to get closer to it.

Ironically enough, that whole month of darkness happened to be a month where my small group discussed the topic of toxic thoughts. Hmmm! God’s timing is perfect! With the encouragement of my small group friends, I wrote down a list of Bible verses that help guard my heart and my thoughts during hard days. I now have this list inside my Bible, ready to be used when my thoughts begin to attack me and drag me down. I’m ready and armed to fight the battle the enemy wishes to win. I have God’s truth on my side. I will win!

About a week or so after finally feeling better and better able to fight my toxic thoughts, I was told that Little Miss R has not seen her mother very much since early December. The mother has been cancelling the majority of her visits. Because of this latest development, and other issues, the case workers would like to discuss with the judge the subject of permanent removal from the mother. The next court date is sometime in April.

In the meantime, we are getting our family ready to become her foster family and also getting ready to eventually adopt.

We have been waiting a very long time for Little Miss R to be removed from her toxic environment. Some days were more than we could handle. But now, I am permitting myself to rejoice ever so slightly. I’m afraid to celebrate too much, since the judge has yet to make his final decision. But…I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has this child wrapped in so much love and is taking care of her. Her future is secured in God’s love.

I am glad. There is wonderful joy ahead.

My mental health is better.

Little Miss R’s freedom from a toxic life.

Hope for a better future.

There is wonderful joy ahead!


How do you apply this truth to your life?

1 Peter 1-6


4 thoughts on “There is wonderful joy ahead!

  1. Thank Jen. I has been a trying time. The end is near and I will rejoice with everything I have once she’s in our home for good. Until then, God’s got me…and her.


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