Why I don’t take test results too seriously

Not every homeschool family gives tests. Our curriculum have self-tests and tests. While it’s great to test the kids’ knowledge and understanding of the subject, it’s also a good idea to not get too worked up on grades. Especially in elementary. Here’s why I think that way.

test results

The other day, my 5 year old was writing a science test and one question got him thinking. The question was: Put an X on each thing you might smell outdoors. Well it seemed very simple to him, except for one of the options, the cup of coffee. He stopped to ask me what I thought. I asked him: “Why do you believe that this is an outdoor smell?”. This was his answer: “Well, Nanny always brings her coffee with her when she goes outside to smoke. So when I’m at Nanny’s house, coffee is an outdoor smell.” Simple enough for me! I would have given him a point for that. Of course! Smart kid! Our children’s knowledge is based on their experience. What they’ve been exposed to. Not only what they’ve read in a book or been taught in class. I’m glad I gave him the chance to explain his thought process, because if not, he would have gotten a different score on his test.

Cullen's test

Each child is different and each situation is different. Sometimes, tests need to be taken very seriously. Especially in the high school years. My kids are in elementary and middle school years right now. I take their thought process into consideration when I grade them. I also use tests only to guide me as a teacher. It shows me where they need more help. I use the information collected to shape my next lessons. Since I have the opportunity to do one-on-one with my children, I refuse to let errors slide and never correct them. I want to make sure they know what they got wrong and why. I won’t keep going until they’ve understood everything on their test. That’s how I do things anyhow.

How do your tests benefit your schooling? Do you even use tests???


4 thoughts on “Why I don’t take test results too seriously

  1. Like you, we use tests mainly to help assess where my boys are and then I can adjust our future schedule accordingly. Our eldest son (12),however, really struggles with tests. He knows and understands the material when I question him but panics when it is in a test format. I don’t think it would be good idea to take tests away completely. If he decides to go to college in the future he will need to have test taking skills under his belt. It’s one thing we are working on right now anyways 😊


  2. Thanks for sharing. I try not to take tests too seriously. My kids are in middle school and elementary. My oldest struggles in school so I try not to be too tough on his test grades. I try to encourage him to do his best but not to beat himself up if he doesn’t get the all. Some of my kids are “testaholics” and just love the thrill of getting 100%. So I just go with the flow…Blessings.

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