Headstands, Bakasanas and Bruises.

In spite of getting a cold for the second time in 3 weeks, I’ve continued my attempts to learn the headstand. My running program isn’t going very well. I have very little energy and once I start running, I feel like my lungs are going to explode. That’s one challenge that I struggle with due to my asthma. When I get a cold, it goes directly to my lungs.  So… for  now, I will focus on headstands while I’m recovering.

headstands, bakasanas and bruises

I’m still working on the same technique as before, except I’ve added something new. It’s called a Baby Bakasana. It’s like the crow, but on your forearms. Your face is ridiculously close to the floor and your knees are resting on your triceps.

I’m using the word “resting” very loosely here!

My first time trying, I was holding on for dear life and trying so hard to stay up. So hard in fact, that I ended up with bruises behind both of my arms. Ouch!

My first battle wounds!

bakasana bruise

It hurt so bad I couldn’t touch the area for about 3 days. I’m back at it now and I can actually keep the position for a decent amount of time. I was told to hold it for a total of 5 breaths.

And I can do it!!!

baby bakasana

I’m very excited that I’m able to do this. My bruises don’t hurt as much and I plan on building onto it. This yoga pose has given me success very quickly and has motivated me even more to learn the headstand.

I’m pumped!!!

If my previous challenge to learn the headstand intimidated you, I challenge you instead to try the Baby Bakasana.

Forearms on the mat, middle finger aligned with your forearm. Get into a frog position and gently lean forward while tucking your knees up as high as you can. Rest you knees on your arms and keep your face very close to the floor. Lift feet off the floor and touch big toes together. Keep everything tight, especially your abs, and don’t forget to breathe.

I’m assuming every beginner does NOT get a beautiful bruise like I did. So don’t get scared about that. I just bruise easily!  🙂

If I can do it, you can too. No excuses!!!

Good luck! Let me know how it goes.



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