Lego Challenge Tuesday: Bacon & Eggs

This week we’re doing something unusual. Your challenge is to build a plate of breakfast foods. More specifically, bacon and eggs. You can add extras if you like. For example, fruit, utensils, ketchup, toast, croissant, cheese. Get creative. The only rules are these: 1) you must have eggs and bacon; and 2) you must use the appropriate colours for your food.  Sorry Dr. Seuss, but no green eggs for this time!

We used one of our real plates to present our breakfast. If you want an extra challenge, you can even build your own plate out of Lego. I’d love to see that!!!

Most important of all…have fun!

bacon and eggs collage - gatherlovegrow

Now it’s your turn to share with us your pictures of your Lego bacon & eggs. You can either share a link to your blog posts in the comment box below or you can add your pictures to our facebook page.

Have a great Lego Challenge Tuesday!


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