Fitness Friday no.3

Are you still as motivated now to reach your fitness goals as you were on January 1st? Are you beginning to lose steam? Finding excuses to skip your workout? Eating a bit more junk than you should? Well, you’re not the only one. Continue reading

What have YOU done lately?

What have you done lately to show others your love for Jesus and His love for others? Be careful, I said what have you “done”, not what have you “said”.  Sure, what we say can impact others, but it’s what we do that makes the moment memorable to others.  Continue reading

Lego Challenge Tuesday – Make Something That Sinks

The other night, I was thinking about how simple it was for my kids to make something that floats during our last challenge. Now I’m wondering, how simple is it to make something that sinks? Continue reading

3 Simple Ways To Become A Better Parent

I don’t believe there’s a parent out there who’s mission it is to become the worst parent in the world. Everyone, in their own way, is striving to be a good parent.
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Fitness Friday no.2

Any of you sore this week? Let’s have a show of hands!

Let me be the first one to raise my hand because I have been walking like I’m 95 years old for the past 2 days now! Continue reading

Exodus 14:14 – Be Still…

Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves who’s really and truly in control. I often try to fix everything on my own. I don’t give God the opportunity to work in my life because I think I can do it all by myself. Continue reading

Lego Challenge- Make Something That Floats

Every Tuesday of 2016, I will share with you our Lego Challenge of the day. We invite you to join us and participate in the challenge with my family. Share your photos and comments with us so we can have fun together!

For today’s Lego challenge, I decided to do something a bit different than usual. This is what we did…

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Adding Matthew 5:44 To Your Prayers

I’ve gone through my fair share of difficult days. Dark days when nothing seems to make sense and life keeps throwing you curve ball after curve ball.
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Fitness Friday no.1

Happy Friday to you all!!!

Today is day 1 on our new fitness plan. This is the day, and the year, to focus on getting strong.   Continue reading