Fitness Friday no.4

Next week is our last Fitness Friday guys! I’m so proud of you for your hard work. It’s not easy to establish new habits. I’m still struggling on occasion with staying motivated. There are days Continue reading


Lego Challenge Tuesday – Build A Race Car

This week’s Lego Challenge is to build a race car. Sounds simple enough? It has to be fast, it has to go far, and it has to be tough. That’s where it gets a bit more challenging. It must meet all of the three criteria.

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Gather Love Grow is now on facebook

Hello everyone! I have finally decided to create a facebook page for Gather Love Grow. Come and check it out!


Fitness Friday no.3

Are you still as motivated now to reach your fitness goals as you were on January 1st? Are you beginning to lose steam? Finding excuses to skip your workout? Eating a bit more junk than you should? Well, you’re not the only one. Continue reading

What have YOU done lately?

What have you done lately to show others your love for Jesus and His love for others? Be careful, I said what have you “done”, not what have you “said”.  Sure, what we say can impact others, but it’s what we do that makes the moment memorable to others.  Continue reading

Lego Challenge Tuesday – Make Something That Sinks

The other night, I was thinking about how simple it was for my kids to make something that floats during our last challenge. Now I’m wondering, how simple is it to make something that sinks? Continue reading

3 Simple Ways To Become A Better Parent

I don’t believe there’s a parent out there who’s mission it is to become the worst parent in the world. Everyone, in their own way, is striving to be a good parent.
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