Lego Challenge Tuesday – Build a Maze (Labyrinthe)

Today’s Lego challenge is all about making a maze. In French it’s called a “labyrinthe”.

(Maybe I should add a French word of the week to teach your kids while you’re doing your Lego Challenge??? Ha! Don’t worry, I’m just teasing!)

build a maze cover- gatherlovegrow

It’s simple really, but for some kids it’s not so simple. Being able to visualize what you want to create and then to figure out which pieces you need and how to put them together to make what’s in your head, well, it can be difficult. My 5 year old had a hard time with it. He was able to build a maze, no problem. But he wasn’t satisfied with it. He wanted it to be tricky and at least a little bit hard for the person playing with it. He didn’t think his was tricky enough. So he would take it all apart and try again. And again. And again. He finished this challenge not satisfied with his maze. He couldn’t build what was in his head.

build a maze - gatherlovegrow

Both of my other children had no issues building their mazes. They ended up looking very different from each other. I find it fascinating how their minds work completely different from one another. One is structured and likes to follow the rules. Everything is the way it should be. While the other is very creative and likes to do things outside the box, unexpected and unusual.

build a maze 2 - gatherlovegrow

The goal of this challenge is to create a maze, using Legos of course, on a baseplate. A marble should be able to roll from the entrance of the maze to its exit. You simply use your hands to move the marble by tilting the maze.

build a maze 3 - gatherlovegrow

One thing my kids did to make their maze tricky, is to cover a section of it. You have no idea if you’re going in the right direction or not since you can’t see the marble.

build a maze 4 - gatherlovegrow

What can you do to make your maze “tricky”?

Share with us how you made out…

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11 thoughts on “Lego Challenge Tuesday – Build a Maze (Labyrinthe)

      1. I had to keep my kids from rushing off after breakfast to build their mazes 🙂 I told them they had to finish their schoolwork first! Lol my kids love Lego challenge day. Thanks so much for posting them!


      2. It makes me so happy to hear that. We are having so much fun with our challenges and then looking at everyone’s pictures of their challenge. We will keep doing this every Tuesday for as long as possible.


  1. Wow, congrats Isabelle! I read this week’s challenge out loud since the kids have not expressed much interest in trying this out. And guess what?? They both zoomed off to try it after I read and showed them the photos. I am impressed! Thanks! Shared and pinned 🙂 Because you rock.;)


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