Fitness Friday no.4

Next week is our last Fitness Friday guys! I’m so proud of you for your hard work. It’s not easy to establish new habits. I’m still struggling on occasion with staying motivated. There are days when I’d rather stay in bed and have some extra sleep time or cuddle time with  my husband. I have ignored my alarm clock a few times already just so I can stay in bed longer. But most often I did get up and did my workout for the friday no.4 - gatherlovegrow I’ve discovered that those days were my best days in January. I had more energy, I was more productive and happy. My body felt strong and alert. I need to remind myself of these things when I want to skip my workouts. Some days are better than others but I have to be kind to myself. I can’t let myself feel like a failure simply because I missed one workout. Every day is a new day. I can always get back on track the next day. And so can you! If you look back over the past few weeks, how many times have you felt lazy or tired or sick and gave up? How many times did you hit the snooze button? You know what? It doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that you kept going. You picked yourself up and you chose to keep going. Good for you! For that, your month was a success.

Now that we’re at the end of the month, we need to start thinking about February. What’s next? What are your goals? Personally, I have 2 goals. I want to keep gaining strength, for both general health and athletic reasons. I also want to train for a local 5 km race that’s coming up in early July. This means that in February, I will continue to do strength exercises and will add speed workout as well as working on my long distance runs. I’ll break it down in smaller more realistic goals. Monthly goals are a good way to do it.

Here are my February fitness goals:

  • Start a new strength training program (slightly more difficult) 3 days/week
  • Include a speed training program – 2 days/week – 15-20 minutes – and aim for a consistent average pace below 9 min/km by the end of the month
  • Include a long run once a week – aim for 5 km each time

Take 5 minutes and write down a list of your fitness goals. Divide them into 2 categories: long term and short term goals. Divide your short term goals into smaller monthly goals. They need to be realistic and achievable. They also need to be measurable. If you can’t measure your progress, you’ll have no idea if you’ve achieved your goal or not.

It’s important to take the time to write down your goals. It will help determine where you should put your focus. It will help you to keep your eyes on the prize. You’ll know exactly where you’re going and you’ll know immediately once you get there.

And speaking of prize, I’m a firm believer of rewarding yourself for your hard work. I think a reward at the end of each month is enough. Too often and it doesn’t feel like a reward anymore. My reward for the end of February will be to buy a new piece of running gear. Yay! This will help me stay focused on the prize at the end of month and work hard to get it.

What are your goals for February?

How will you make sure you stay on track?

How will you reward yourself once you’ve achieved your goals?

30 day beginner workout for runners - gatherlovegrow

fitness friday 1

fitness friday no2- gatherlovegrow
fitness friday no.3 - gatherlovegrow






6 thoughts on “Fitness Friday no.4

  1. Setting monthly goals is a great idea! Thanks for sharing and letting us know, we are not alone when we fail. I have done well with my goal of working out 4 days a week. I am doing strength training, but did a cute fun workout with my daughter yesterday which was a nice change of pace, then buckled down and pumped out half of my regular workout.
    I think I need to work on working out earlier in the day so when unexpected things come up, I don’t end up cutting my workout short (see above 1/2?) in order to get out the door on time.
    Love the images you use btw 🙂


    1. Working out early in the morning is what works best for me. It’s hard to get up sometimes, but at least it’s done before anything else can interrupt it.
      I’m glad you enjoy the images. They are so much fun!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Those are great February goals. It is always great to keep growing and challenging yourself. Thanks so much for linking up to Fitness Fridays on Drops of Learning. I hope to see you back again tomorrow!


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