Lego Challenge Tuesday – Build A Race Car

This week’s Lego Challenge is to build a race car. Sounds simple enough? It has to be fast, it has to go far, and it has to be tough. That’s where it gets a bit more challenging. It must meet all of the three criteria.

build a race car

The kids were pretty excited to not only build their cars, but to put them to the test once they were done. challenge 1

How big should I make my car?

How many wheels should I put on it?

Are all my parts sturdy?

Will pieces break off easily?

Will my car go fast?

challenge 3.jpg



We gave them a good hour or so to consider all their options and to build the best race car they could. Then we had fun putting them to the test.challenge 4





Once everyone’s cars were finished, my husband and I made a ramp using an old piece of drywall and our foot stool.


challenge 2 challenge 6

The first test we did was to let each car go down the ramp individually and see which one can drive the farthest. The cars were all going so fast that every one of my pictures came out with blurry cars. Regardless of the camera setting I used!

challenge 5

Once we found a winner for this category, we moved on to another one. We raced 2 cars down the ramp at the same time to see who could go the farthest. If one car got accidentally bumped off the ramp or the track, it was fair game. That’s when the kids became more excited…and nervous! Ha!

challenge 7 challenge 8

Wheels were flying! Kids were cheering! People were laughing! We all had so much fun.

To finish off the challenge, we tested the cars to see just how tough they were. I have a big and heavy bin of Legos and I placed it directly at the bottom of the ramp. Sorry, I have no pictures to show for this one. The goal was to let one car go down the ramp and crash into the bin. The car who lost the least amount of pieces would win. We learned a few things about car building from this challenge. Like ideal positioning of your wheels so they don’t fall off so easily, and making sure your car isn’t too tall so it doesn’t break in two every time, for example!

My husband built his own race car and participated with the kids. We all had a blast. Once we finished, the boys kept playing, racing and crashing their cars on the ramp for hours.

I highly recommend you try this with your kids. There’s lots to learn about velocity, difference in ramp angle, aerodynamics, patience and fair play. You could easily tie this in with a physics lesson and go more in depth on these topics.

Have fun with today’s Lego challenge!

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