What have YOU done lately?

What have you done lately to show others your love for Jesus and His love for others? Be careful, I said what have you “done”, not what have you “said”.  Sure, what we say can impact others, but it’s what we do that makes the moment memorable to others. 

how you live - gatherlovegrow

A hug for a friend in need

A cup of hot coffee for a homeless person on a cold winter day

Opening the door for someone

Offering your seat to an elderly person or a pregnant woman

Showing patience when your waiter messes up your order

Giving a large tip to a waiter who doesn’t deserve it

Putting your devices down and playing with your kids

Putting your devices down during a conversation with others

Most of these things are simple everyday thing. But if that’s how you always are, consistently, daily, people will naturally gravitate towards you and want to understand better what makes you such a wonderful human being. The light of Jesus will naturally shine through you and into others. They will ask YOU about Jesus.

So what have you been doing lately to share Jesus’ love with others?



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