Lego Challenge Tuesday – Make Something That Sinks

The other night, I was thinking about how simple it was for my kids to make something that floats during our last challenge. Now I’m wondering, how simple is it to make something that sinks? That is your challenge for today. Make something that sinks…if you can!

build something that sinks

Use any number of Lego pieces you wish and build any crazy contraption you wish. The only criteria…it needs to sink. For best results, I suggest filling the bathtub with water. Just in case your kids come up with large creations!

Have fun! And PLEASE share with me how you made out.

In my house I heard a lot of “it’s impossible” and “it’s still floating”. How did it go in your house?

Here’s a peak at what we did…

At first, they figured, if it’s really big, it should sink??? Nope, didn’t work.

DSCF1954 DSCF1961

DSCF2004 DSCF2005

This is the moment when the kids got a bit desperate to make something, anything sink. They picked up 2 random Lego pieces they figured should sink. They both succeeded, eventually!


DSCF1976 DSCF1977 DSCF1980

Once we realised our plan wasn’t working so well, we stopped to research online on how to make Legos sink. Since they’re hollow, they naturally want to float. So… how do you make something hollow sink? We needed to make our objects heavier without making them bigger. So we needed to make them denser. This is what we came up with. Ha ha! What ideas can you come up with to make Legos sink?

DSCF1984 DSCF1985

DSCF1987 DSCF1988 DSCF2011

See you next Tuesday for a new challenge.



6 thoughts on “Lego Challenge Tuesday – Make Something That Sinks

  1. Hmm My kids attempted this last week, however I never thought of researching WHY it was so hard to make them sink, probably because C was sinking his, and D couldn’t. Love that you guys looked it up and solved the problem! Shared on FB and Pinned, Awesome job! I will probably pass this week unless my kiddo’s feel better soon.


    1. Thanks Jen! We were all confused as to why we couldn’t sink them. We didn’t expect it to be that hard. We had to stop and think then fo some research to figure it out. We had fun with this one because it truly was a challenge. I hope your kids feel better soon. Thanks for sharing my post!

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  2. We had to do this one really quick because we are heading out to the grocery store, but the kids had fun with it anyway! And we were NOT successful. The only Legos that sunk were my boys’ Ninjago spinners without Legos built onto them!


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