Exodus 14:14 – Be Still…

Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves who’s really and truly in control. I often try to fix everything on my own. I don’t give God the opportunity to work in my life because I think I can do it all by myself.

I have this scripture pinned on my board in my prayer corner. It’s a reminder that I need to stop, breathe and trust in God’s ability to fix what needs to be fixed. Let Him do it His way. Not mine.

‘Cause really, why am I wasting my time trying to be better than the Lord? I am kidding myself thinking I can do everything on my own. He’s the best at what He does. He takes broken things and makes them whole. He raises people from the dead. He seals the gates to Hell and rescues us for eternity. I mean, why am I trying so hard to push Him out? I need to slow down. Be still. Feel His presence and open the way for Him to work in my life. Give Him room to work miracles in my life.

The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still. Exodus 14:14

Exodus 1414


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