A Difficult Christmas

This blog post is very different than my usual posts. I usually like to keep things light, fun and positive. Although, today I’m finding it extremely difficult to do anything fun and positive. I’ve been going on a roller coaster ride of emotions for the past year, but this past week  has been by far the most challenging.

Here’s a quick summary of my past week. My niece who has been in foster care for the past year will be visiting with us for a week over Christmas. We are super excited about this. This will be the best Christmas ever because she’s with us. We are awaiting her arrival with great anticipation. Roller coaster high…

Last week, we had to say goodbye to my dad’s cousin. It was unexpected and so sad. The family is devastated by this great loss. She was loved by so many. Roller coaster low…

Also last week, we found out that a wonderful family friend is now in palliative care and will pass at any moment now. He played a great part in my life growing up and I love him dearly. I am sad that I will have to say goodbye to him too. Another roller coaster low…

This morning, we have heard some more sad news. My oldest son’s old bus driver, a man whom he adored, had a major accident in his home while doing home repairs. The doctors don’t think he will wake up again. His sons are begging people to pray. They are waiting on God to heal their father.  Yet another roller coaster low…

Christmas is coming. We have many reasons to celebrate. I have an amazing family and everyone will be together. My heart is overwhelmed with love when I look at and think of my family. Jesus died for us. He gave us life. We are about to celebrate his birth and I cannot wait to praise him on this most special day. But while my heart wants to sing with praise and worship, it is also heavy with sadness. It is being overcome by darkness. We might be attending 2 funerals during the next week. I’m on the craziest roller coaster ride ever.

While I know this crazy ride will one day slow down and maybe even stop for a while, for now, I need to focus intensely on God’s light. I need to remain in constant prayer to make it through this. I will take a short break from blogging so I can take care of myself and my family. I intend on returning stronger and inspired.

Please pray for my family over the next week…

Merry Christmas to you all!

Joy to the world, the Lord has come. Let Earth receive her King.


7 thoughts on “A Difficult Christmas

  1. My thoughts are with you I’ve never really had a good christmas so I know how horrible it is to have a sad Christmas , always here x


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