Mary Did You Know?

I had never heard this song before. Maybe most of you have, but I first heard the song “Mary Did You Know?” a few weeks ago. It was performed by Pentatonix. I absolutely fell in love with it. Click here to watch the Youtube video of this song. Every time I hear it, I get shivers down my spine and I feel an overwhelming sense of humility and awe.

Actually, that’s the best way to describe it. I feel in complete awe with what Mary must have been going through during the moments where she first held her baby boy.

Mary, did you know that your baby boy would one day walk on water?

Mary, did you know that your baby boy would save our sons and daughters?
Did you know that your baby boy has come to make you new?
This child that you’ve delivered, will soon deliver you.

mary did you know -

Could she have known, in that moment, that she was holding the world’s saviour? I mean, I know the angel kind of explained things to her, but did she truly understand the magnitude of what her little boy would one day do for her and every human being in the history of the world? Did she realize her eternal fate rested in her arms, sleeping?

Mary, did you know that your baby boy will give sight to a blind man?
Mary, did you know that your baby boy will calm the storm with his hand?

I wonder if Jesus came home at the end of the day and shared his adventures with his mother? I wonder if she believed him? Or if she just thought he had a wild imagination? I mean, she wasn’t even with him when he perform the majority of his miracles! And if she did believe him, was she in awe of what her son could do? When she laid down in the stillness of the night, what thoughts went through her mind when she thought of Jesus?

Now this is the part that really gets me every single time I listen to this song:

Did you know that your baby boy has walked where angels trod?
When you kiss your little baby, you kiss the face of God.

Did Mary realize that he had been in Heaven before? Did she understand he was all God while also being all human? Did she get the significance of being able to kiss God every time she kissed her son? I mean, picture yourself kissing your child, then imagine that child being a young version of God. Can you imagine it? Would you be able to fully grasp the concept even though an angel appeared in front of you and explained that you had conceived through God’s Holy Spirit? Is it too much for your mind to comprehend? Even while it’s happening to you? Do you think Mary got it?

Back in the Old Testament times, people feared seeing God’s face because they would die.

“But”, he said, “you cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live.” (NIV)

God would not allow anyone to see His face. If so, they would die. But yet, this young, lowly peasant girl, was highly favoured by God. Enough so, that she was given the gift of caring for a little, human version of God. She could rock him to sleep, hug him and kiss him and love him just like any other good mother would. She could kiss his boo-boos, wipe his tears, sing him lullabies. What an honour! Did she every feel overwhelmed by the task of being Jesus’ mother? Did she ever wonder why God chose her? Did she ever feel ill-prepared to raise such an important child? I mean, what if she screws up? We as “regular” mothers worry about making bad choices and not being the best mom our kids deserve. I think it’s fair to assume she felt the same as any other mother while raising her son. Except, he wasn’t just an ordinary boy. He was the son of God! I can’t imagine how she must have felt on a daily basis. Always making sure she did NOT disappoint God.

The blind will see, the deaf will hear, the dead will live again.
The lame will leap, the dumb will speak, the praises of the lamb!

Mary, did you know that your baby boy is Lord of all creation?
Mary, did you know that your baby boy would one day rule the nations?
Did you know that your baby boy is heaven’s perfect Lamb?
That sleeping child you’re holding is the great I am.

Usually, a parent would gaze into their child’s eyes and think how amazing it is that they were able to create such an amazing and perfect little baby. But how strange would it be to think that, and at the same time, realize that your baby has also created you? And created everything else around you. Created the world with just a single word. Is this long anticipated king and saviour that the world has desperately been waiting for. Is a King that will rule forever. Is God’s perfect sacrificial lamb.

Is the great I AM…

All of this is so much for my little brain to comprehend. I wonder how Mary felt when she first held her baby boy. What went through her head. What emotions she felt. Was she scared? Was she overwhelmed? Was she elated? Was she just a normal mother? Or did she feel blessed beyond any other mother on Earth?

Now listen to the song again. Imagine yourself in Mary’s shoes. How do you think you would feel while holding your newborn baby boy Jesus in your arms? Close your eyes and imagine…



2 thoughts on “Mary Did You Know?

  1. I would imagine like most people she had a very limit idea of Jesus. Most of his followers only saw him as a savior from the oppression of the Romans and one that would sit on David’s throne in Jerusalem.


    1. Yes, that’s what I imagine too. The angel told her He was from God and that He’s the saviour everyone has been waiting for. But I’m thinking she didn’t completely understand what that all really meant. I’m assuming if she did, she would have felt completely overwhelmed and unprepared to handle the situation.

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