Preparing for my first 5k race: my last update before the big day

When I registered for my very first 5 km race, I only gave myself 2 1/2 weeks to prepare for the big day. Plus, this is a very busy week since I’m in my church’s Living Christmas Tree. We have 5 performances this week. Yikes! What have I gotten myself into? I must have lost my mind!!!

I had to modify my schedule a bit, but I haven’t stopped training even though I’m pretty busy. 

Every 2 days, I hop on my treadmill. My first run of the week is a 30 minute run where I aim for a faster pace than my previous week. My second run of the week is a speed workout where I alternate 1-2 minutes of easy run with 1-2 minutes of very fast running or sprinting. For a total of 20-30 minutes. My third run of the week is a long run where I don’t stop until I’ve finished 5 km. I’m not a fan of my third run! I’m a bit embarrassed to say that it took me 49 minutes to complete 5 km last week. I’m skipping my long run this week so I can save my energy for Sunday’s race day. I’ll focus mostly on my speed training tomorrow and rest until Sunday. 2015-11-24 09.07.01

My average pace in each run has varied a bit between 8:30 and 9:30. I’m not sure what is happening to me, but last year I was able to run at a pace of 7:30 and now I’m struggling to stay below 9:00.

I’m trying not to think about it too much and just focus on finishing the race, regardless of how fast or slow I am. I’ll keep working on my speed during the winter months to prepare for my next race in the Spring/Summer of 2016.

I’m a bit excited and nervous about Sunday’s race. I’m eating healthy and trying to rest well. I’m being cautious so I don’t wear myself out and get sick before the big day. Singing my guts out for 2 hours, 5 nights in row, can take a toll on your body. So this week is all about taking good care of my body.

Saying a little prayer wouldn’t hurt either… Ha! God knows I need all the help I can get right now!  🙂

How do you use the last few days before a race to prepare yourself?



4 thoughts on “Preparing for my first 5k race: my last update before the big day

  1. Good luck!! I always rest and stretch a lot the few days before my typical marathon. Also, I visualize crossing the finish line with my goal time! Looking forward to hearing how the race goes!


  2. I’ve never done a race, just saying how proud I am and you must be as you write about running 30 minutes non stop! Whoo! I am hoping to join the gym with my husband next fall and will have access to the treadmill, unfortunately i will have access to an audience too. 😦 pride before the fall. Maybe Ill just fall off and get the embarrassment out of the way right away. lol Kidding., Let us know how it goes, we are rooting for you!


    1. Lol Thanks! But I’m sure you’ll do just fine on the treadmill. Even in public!

      I am very proud of what I have accomplished. I can’t believe I’m able to do what I have been doing these past few weeks. That’s why I can’t be too hard on myself for running slow. At least I’m running. And it feels soooo good! 🙂

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