5k race training update

I have completed my first speed training workout yesterday morning. Yowza! That was something!

After my 5 minute warm-up, I then alternated a light jog with a fast run (borderline sprint) every minute. I lasted a total of 22 minutes. Unfortunately (not really!), I had to cut my run short since I had to get ready for church. My plan was to run for 30 minutes. Oh, well…maybe next time!

The thing I wasn’t expecting, was for my average pace to be lower than on my regular run day. What’s up with that? Is this normal? Or even to be expected? I don’t know, I expected my “speed” workout to be faster! Again, maybe next time???photo-1434494878577-86c23bcb06b9

What did I learn from yesterday’s fiasco? First of all, make sure I have a full 30 minutes minimum to train. No more rushed workouts.

Second, I need to run faster. No “borderline” sprints. I need to run hard. As hard as I can.

And lastly? I can’t let myself fall pray to negative self-talk. Even if I don’t get the desired outcome, I must be proud of what I’ve accomplished. I still did better than if I would’ve slept in or sat on the couch watching TV. I’m strong, I’m able and I will not quit!



6 thoughts on “5k race training update

    1. Crazy huh? I didn’t know I could do this. I ran a total of 30 minutes the other day and DIDN’T DIE!!! Ha!

      Treadmills are a blessing during nasty weather. I really like mine! 🙂 Get on yours and run…the day’s not over yet!

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      1. I would. If I had one, lol Sorry I was unclear. 😦 I only run outside. Thus I ended up not getting it in, the rain is so bad, its flooding a lot of places around here 😦 Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


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