Yes, I am shamefully exposing myself to the world by admitting my deep, dark secret! I am a slob. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but I’m not a clean freak. Not by anyone’s stretch of the imagination!

My house has been a mess for as long as I can remember. Even before we had kids! I can’t even use the kids as an excuse. Well, I do, but it’s not a valid excuse. They do make messes and they don’t always clean up after themselves. That’s for sure! Although, if we would have established an adequate cleaning routine before they showed up, it would have been easier to keep it up.

Now, we are trying to teach ourselves to de-clutter (you can save up quite a bit of stuff after 13 years of marriage and 3 children), and keep things tidy. Every day!

We are not doing this to keep up with our friends. We are not doing this because we feel bad when unexpected guests show up at our house (though we do!). We are doing this for our own sanity. I feel frantic and chaotic in a house that looks frantic and chaotic. Don’t you? I have days where I feel like I can’t breathe because of the mess.

Mess…I’m through with you! Be gone!!!

Over the past year, I have gone through every room in the house and did a major de-clutter. I’ve thrown out things that were broken and just plain junk. I have donated all of our outgrown and unused clothes. I have asked myself “Do I really need this?” and donated a lot more items that fit into the “no, I don’t need this ugly trinket” category. So, a lot has already been done. But you’d never be able to tell just by looking.

We have another problem now. Not clutter but… lack of organization and tidying up. Everything has a place, right? Well not in our house. We have piles of books on the floor and in our china cabinet. We have arts and crafts and its supplies littering our dining room. We are out of space to store our possessions. 2015-11-20 17.04.13

We are currently working on finishing our basement and creating a schoolroom. This will keep our dining room from looking like a school supply store has exploded.

But our room won’t be finished for a while still. l need a plan to make things work in the meantime.

I have come across this great resource that has been helping me keep my house clean and tidy. It’s a 30-day schedule for house cleaning. It appears on .

So far, it’s been working great for us. We focus on one item for the day and the whole family can work together at completing the task. When we work together, it only takes a few minutes.

We haven’t finished our first 30 days yet. Tidying up has not yet become a habit. Life seems to get in the way and we often forget to do what’s on the list. Then the next day we do 2 days worth of cleaning. Do you do that too? If that happens too often, chores will pile up and I won’t be able to keep up.

2015-11-20 17.05.22God has blessed me with many skills. Cleaning? That’s not one of them. Consider me signed up for Cleaning U!

If you struggle with keeping your house tidy, I suggest you try out the 30-day schedule. Let me know if it works for you. If you’re using something else that works for you, please share it with me. I’d love to see how everyone keeps on top of their mess.

Happy cleaning!!!

P.S.- I can’t believe I just shared pictures of my house with you. Eeek! Hopefully, my follow up pictures will show a much tidier house.




2 thoughts on “CONFESSION ALERT: I’m a slob!

  1. Love this, I too struggle with mess and chaos Usually its a toss up between not home to do it and not enough time to do important things and clean. Cleaning is important but other things are more important, so i do the necessary stuff, and make the rest wait. 🙂


    1. I hear ya! After lessons, preparing meals, playing with the kids, running errands, evening activities and taking a few minutes to catch my breath, it’s difficult to get into a good cleaning routine. My dream is to be able to figure out how to balance it all. I’m seeing improvement, little by little. But it takes time. At least I know my priorities are in order. Family first! 🙂


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