List Of Free Homeschool Sports Curriculum Resources

I have found myself in a very strange situation where my kids are confusing basketballs for footballs and baseballs for tennis balls. Coming from a very “sporty” mother, this is rather embarrassing! 

Since we homeschool, our kids aren’t exposed to the public school Physical Education program where they are introduced to a variety of sports throughout the year. Also, their interests are limited to swimming, soccer, dance and geocaching, so exposure to new sports is limited due to interest, time and money. We don’t have the time or money to add more evening lessons/team sports.

I had to come up with a plan to get my kfile000436808781ids exposed to multiple sports so they can get to know at least the basic rules of the most popular sports and have a chance at trying them out while at home or with our homeschool group. They need to be able to recognize different sports and sports equipment.

I’d like to share with you the compilation of resources I am using for my family. Includes basic rules, printable worksheets, educational games and crafts. A little bit of everything for all ages and skills. Some offile000619637404 these activities are only sports-themed school activities, but nonetheless, it exposes the kids to the world of sportsin a different way. Which is ok too.


Basic Baseball Rules

Baseball Fun Activities for Kids

Baseball Printable Worksheets

Grammar Baseball

Baseball Diamond Labelling Worksheet

Montessori Inspired Baseball Activities

Baseball Word Search

10 Ways to Homeschool With Baseball

Take Me Out To The Ball Game Pack


Basic Basketball Rules

Beanbag Basketball

Fun Basketball Drills for Kids

Muffin Tin Basketball

Q-Tip Painting Basketball Printables

Counting to 100 Basketball Game

Sight Word Basketball Game

Picture Books About Basketball

Alphabet Basketball


Basic Football Rules

6 Football-Themed Games For Kids

Throw Practice Game Using A Tarp

Books About Football For Elementary Kids

Paper Football Sight Words

Football Math Bowl

Football Printable Worksheets


Basic Soccer Rules

6 Unique Soccer Drills For Kids

Painter’s Tape Maze

Soccer Thaumatrope

Soccer Ball Piñata

Sight Word Soccer


Basic Volleyball Rules

Fun Volleyball Game Ideas

Balloon Volleyball

Volleyball Drills For Children

Pool Noodle Volleyball

Volleyball Crosswords And Other Printables


Basic Hockey Rules

Pompom Hockey

Goldfish Cracker Hockey

Ice Hockey Tot Pack Printables

Montessori Themed Hockey Unit With Free Printables

Adjectives Face-Off

21 Awesome Hockey Books For Families

If I set myself a goal to teach one sport a month, or even every 2 weeks, the kids should gain enough knowledge on each sport to make this mama proud. Learning new skills, vocabulary words and using sports as a theme for learning multiple school subjects, sounds like a great plan to me!

If you use any of the above resources, please let me know how you made out.

If you have any other resources that could be added, please feel free to add them in the comments section. I’d love to take a look at them.

4 thoughts on “List Of Free Homeschool Sports Curriculum Resources

  1. Thank you, we too are little on the sporty side, but limit it to our children’s interests. Swimming, football and mountain biking and…working out thanks to daddy. 😉 I just introduced them to tennis this year and that was a riot, so glad no one was watching, hehe. Love this idea, book marked this page for later 🙂


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