In everything give thanks.

It’s only Tuesday and this week already feels like the longest week ever. My three kids are all sick at the same time and life is more chaotic than usual. I am tired and sometimes overwhelmed. It’s very tempting to just curl up in a ball on the couch and have my own little pity party. Are you familiar with those parties?

Poor me.

Why are they all sick at the same time?

I can’t do this any more.

Why are they so whiny?

I’m so tired.

Is it bedtime yet?

Please God, make this stop.

I’ve had many of these pity parties. It’s so easy to get sucked into the darkness and let it completely take over my thoughts. The problem?  It’s not as easy to snap myself back to reality. It makes me cranky and it seems to make my day even worse than it already was.

in everything give thanks- gatherlovegrow

Today, I’m having one of those days where I just want to give into the darkness and wallow in my own self-pity. But today is also different. I stopped myself before I left for my party. I decided to try something different for a change. First time for everything!

I’ve decided to try to give thanks to the Lord for everything, in all circumstances. Even the bad ones, like today.

In everything give thanks. For this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Thessalonians 5:18

I am challenging myself to think of 10 things I am grateful for today.

  1. my kids aren’t in the hospital
  2. they are still smiling even though they’re sick
  3. my kids are too sick to fight with each other
  4. my wonderful husband works from home and has been a great help today
  5. I still have my health (for today at least!)
  6. There is a beautiful sunset outside my window
  7. I didn’t have to cook supper tonight
  8. I got to cuddle with my baby most of the day
  9. my daughter looks like sleeping beauty as she’s sleeping on the sofa
  10. my oldest son hasn’t lost his sense of humour even though he completely lost his voice
  11. my kids are AWESOME even when they’re sick (Bonus thing I’m grateful for!)

Once I get going, it’s not that hard to think of ten things I’m grateful for. It helps me refocus on what’s important. I’m not so stuck on how hard the day has been. Instead of remembering all the bad things that happened, I’m remembering all the things that made me smile.

I’d much rather end my day with a smile.


4 thoughts on “In everything give thanks.

  1. Pity Parties, I would definitely have more, if I had time. Since I don’t, I have mental breakdown/give up moments in my head. Where I talk to myself a lot. Love the challenge to think of 10 things you are grateful for, esp. number 3, that is always a blessing. 🙂 I will keep this in mind next time I am in the mood for a mental breakdown/give up moment.


    1. We have not adopted yet, but it’s a possibility in our future. I can’t share any details publicly at the moment because the child in question is in foster care. We are waiting patiently, and not-so-patiently at times, to see God’s plan for our family unfold.


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