All things bats (Day 5)

bat halloween bark

This is the last day with our bat theme and we chose to celebrate it with a treat. We’ve made some Halloween bark to share with our homeschool friends tomorrow (Halloween party!!!). Yummy!

Chocolate bark is one of my favourite desserts to make because you can whip it up pretty quickly and you don’t have to wait long to eat it. Two very important criteria in selecting a dessert recipe! Ha! Also, it’s so versatile. You can add almost anything you want in it. I’m considering adding regular chips in my next batch. What do you think?

Making this bark is very simple. I started by melting the orange chocolate I bought at the Bulk Barn and poured it on a silicone baking sheet (a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper also works well). To keep with the bat theme, I decided to use my new bat-shaped cookie cutter (also bought at the Bulk Barn). halloween bark step 1As you can see, I didn’t fill the whole cookie cutter with the orange. You could if you’d like. I just didn’t have that much orange and was trying to make it last.

The cookie cutter part is totally optional. If you prefer, you can pour it all on the baking sheet and break them into pieces once it’s set.

Once the orange chocolate layer has set, I then melted the semi-sweet chocolate halloween bark step 2over the orange layer. For this next step, you don’t want to take too long. Sprinkle your candy over this layer before it sets. Be creative. I’ve added Reese’s Pieces, Kit Kat and Aero mini-bars, and ghost and bat sprinkles.

After I was all done, I put it in the fridge to help it set quicker. The quicker it sets, the quicker you get to eat it!!!

halloween bark halloween bark 2

This last step, I’m sure you don’t need me to explain this to you but…take a piece of Halloween bark and insert it in your mouth. Lean back, relax and let your taste buds scream in delight! Take the time to enjoy it.

bat halloween bark

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