All things bats (Day 4)

bat cartoons - day 4Hi everyone!

Today we decided to try something a little different for bat day. We made our own little bat cartoon characters. I found the idea from this website: It was such a cute idea I thought we should give it a try.

We started out by first folding our sheets of paper into 4 quadrants. This makes it easier to draw by using symmetry. I enjoyed watching the kids use math as a drawing tool! Hee hee! I’m so sneaky…they have no idea they just used math!

bat cartoon sketches

Once your sketch is finished, simply colour it in. Get creative. My daughter decided to turn her bat into a “unibat” (unicorn-bat). She’s very creative, that’s for sure! Have fun with it…

bat cartoons finished pictures

We’re having fun acting all “batty”. How about you?

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