All things bats (Day 3)

origami batsToday we decided to do all things bats with origami. I found 2 different templates to use. We tried them both with great success. One of them we accidentally made part of it upside down, but that’s OK. Ha ha! We still had fun!

The first one we tried, I got from this site: Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational. It was pretty easy to make, except that when it’s time to make the wings, we forgot to flip the paper upside down. So we ended up with wings pointing in the wrong direction. bats on windowOh well! We still love them. AND…we still had fun!

The next origami template we used came from this Pinterest Pin. It originated from a website called Creased – Magazine For Paper Folders. Any origami enthusiast would LOVE this website. Check it out!

We had a lot of fun making these bats. It was a bit more complex and intricate, but only by a little. They ended up looking quite nice. bats on window We love doing origami every once in a while, but my kids can get easily frustrated if it’s too difficult. My 5 year old was the only one who needed help with his paper folding. The other two (ages 10 and 12), did great. With just a bit of guidance, they finished with beautiful origami bats. I consider that a win for me!

origami bats

Once everyone was done, I did ask them to clean up the scraps of paper left everywhere. But…they weren’t ready to throw them out just yet. Oh my! My kids are wonderfully crazy!!! Ha ha ha! I love them to pieces.

What do you think of their creations?

going crazy with scraps going crazy with scraps going crazy with scraps

going crazy with scraps 3 going crazy with scraps

Now it’s time to plan your own paper folding party. Or sticking paper all over your face party… Enjoy!


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